Robin Mendoza





on hold

Coming-of-age Zelda-like where even your meatspace apparatus feels the disquieting effects of puberty.




bowl of bones

Shrine for a deceased DJ in the form of an elaborate sound sculpture.

A monolithic black receiver is flanked by two candle-crowned black speakers. On top of the receiver sits a subwoofer with a recessed underside. In this cavity is placed a bowl of chicken wing bones and a piezoelectric disk which reads pressure values from the subwoofer's bass pulses. It then sends those values to an Arduino which interfaces with a black & white Processing sketch visualizing Daft Punk's "One More Time".

The harder the bass hits, the more the bowl of bones rattles. The more the bones rattle, the more an image of the dearly departed is faded in behind the rising and falling bars of the spectrogram.

The piece is accompanied by a bottle of Mountain Dew that viewers mourners are encouraged to pour out.


Photic Sneeze Reflexatron


photoresistor, Arduino, and speakers

Mock-transhumanist gadget which attempts to simulate the mysterious and seemingly pointless (yet intriguingly multi-sensory) photic sneeze reflex.

Light levels sensed by a photoresistor build up a "sneeze" guage which triggers sine tones of increasing length and pitch ("ah", "ahh", "ahhh") followed finally by a short, high-pitched square tone (a petite "achoo!").