Robin Mendoza





I think I can see the lights: Cass McCombs' "County Line"


Video still of hooded person walking by a house on a winter night under streetlights.

Short essay on my favorite song of the 21st century so far, 2011's "County Line" by Cass McCombs.


Persistence of Vision


Black and white photo of book of essays.

Essay on the history and lingering promise of Eskil Steenberg's defunct MMOFPS Love. Published in the 2023 Annual.



Two early Freuds


Crop of the Lucian Freud painting The Birds of Olivier Larronde, 1946.

Analysis of two small oils by the late British painter Lucian Freud: 1946's The Birds of Olivier Larronde and 1950-51's Boy Smoking.





Crop of the album art for Vocalcity, 2000.

Review of Vladislav Delay (under the alias Luomo)'s 2000 microhouse masterpiece.



Narrative coherence in thematic card games


Crop of the Android Netrunner card Paparazzi.

Essay on narrative design and hermeneutics for thematic card games (especially CCGs).



In the Wee Small Hours


Screenshot from Mystery Channel.

Late-nite brooding on thecatamites' grisly 2013 flatgame anthology Mystery Channel.



Peering in on SpyParty


Promotional screenshot of SpyParty.

Review of the open beta for Chris Hecker's asymmetric indie esport SpyParty.



The Bayonet Charge


yellow protective goggles

Screenplay relating a highly decisive middle school-era airsoft match.




2012 - 2014

Robin crushed by boulder.

Chapbook of lyric poems composed between 2012 and 2014 (since revised and compiled into PDF).

"The Plight of Dreamcast George" was adapted for video by Adrian Alfonso, and "Daydream" was almost adapted for piano and voice by Eric Segerstrom.